Castro de Espasante & A Capiya, Ortigueira.


Moving ever closer to home we find another harbour stop with a cafe and village full of friendly people, every drink is again more tapas so I’m torn when we need to move on, we are now for the first time in months dictated to with a timescale and finding it hard to push on.

Next stop A Capiya, another rocky outcrop with a lighthouse, Faro del Cabo San Agustin, complete with a fishermans church which is said to house a surprise for those who visit ?  Navia is the nearest town well within walking distance and worth the effort for the scenery alone.

I like harbour stops, this one had a very friendly bar/cafe


Very Scottish loch views !


Into the harbour
Well worth the climb in and out
Out with the old ……..
….. and in with the new !
We read that a surprise awaits those who venture into the church, but it was closed every time we passed, so you will have to remain surprised then !
It’s a beautifully kept village with a dedicated aire with some of the best views to date
Also a posh place to live
Retired in style !

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