Vila Cha & Porto

Ten miles North of Porto we found the camping park at Vila Cha, from free to €12.50/night but all the amenities, showers good enough for a double hair wash, luxury!

Met a couple of fellow adventurers, Julie and Martin, having just discovered paddle boarding they have upgraded their boards for “race spec” boards, nothing if not competitive, we will probably see them next doing 30 knots up some Spanish river some place ! Good luck.

After the drive along the spectacular Duro valley, Porto came as a big bustling port with all the tourism that goes with it but we we where looking forward to the famous Port houses to visit and sample their produce !

Porto and the river
Lunch on the waterfront
The old way of transporting the Port down stream
Then stored ready for shipment all over the world
It takes a master craftsman to produce a barrel that big and water (Port) tight
Fish n clams in Vila Cha itself
Graveyards beautifully kept
“please drink responsibly”




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