The Moors invaded and occupied The fortified river crossing we know as Tavira twice, once in the 8th Century AD until the 13 AD and left an idelable mark on the town then again between 27th March to the 2nd April in the year 2017, yet again leaving an idelable mark on the old town as they brought with them the wrecking ball Ashley Moore !

The invasion begins with the Moore’s creeping up behind the Elliott’s who are heavily out numbered !
The leaders of the warring clans broker a peace deal and seal it with drinks.
A beach walk gives Ashley one white arm and one pink arm, not quite the image for a wreaking ball !
Duffins talking…..
Still talking…..
Talking n drinking….
With “Jimmy” just relaxing
Over the river for a bit of all things Spanish.
Time to eat in a little casa restaurant in Santa Luzia
Showing Ashley how to peel a prawn !  It’s like watching a monkey mend a watch …
The wire man
Simon shot off to get the drinks and came back with alcohol free bottles, that’s a first then, he explained it was a translation error at the bar and promised it wouldn’t happen again 😊


They think it was funny !!!!!
More walking….
…..scenic views…..
……storks on nests in Silves…..
…..& shopping
A room with a view across Tavira and its river.

so as they departed deals were struck, mainly around catching up again in England for some drink and food at the bar called Simons, where a hand picked cask conditioned brew is being prepared for our arrival, it was great to see family and friends on our travels and as you can see we had a cracking week. Tavira once again seeing off the Moore’s as the pink armed wreaking ball sheepishly boards his flying machine.

So we off northward to Lisbon !


3 thoughts on “Tavira

  1. Good to see you all had a good time. Nice when family come out to see what the fuss is about for themselves! Nice Rugby T shirt mate, very similar to one I recommended a while back to a chum of mine🤔


  2. Will definitely return! My lovely cousin, Princess Christine, and her minion Keith looked after us so well and walked our legs off. Best bits were all the ducks we saw!

    Liked by 1 person

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